Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Battle of the Shortest Cats


In 2015 there is a new World champion for the Shortest Cat Award and it goes to Lilieput!
Lilieput The Worlds shortest cat

According to Guiness World Records official stats, 8 year old lilieput measures just 13.34 cm (5.25 in) from the floor to her shoulders.

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 Lilieput was found by Christel Young as a two year old stray.  Christel's love of cats can be traced to her German childhood - wrangling feral kittens to sell to farm owners as mice hunters :).

People say to me, ‘Animals always act different around you. Why?’ And I say it’s because I ‘speak’ with them,” she said. “I’m bilingual that way, like speaking German and English.” - source


Lilieput often teased and called ugly, Christel saw the chance to turn that perception around and enter Lilieput in the Guiness World Records. “She’s my little low rider, she’s my princess now, but let her be the little queen.” - source

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FizzGirl (on the left) took out the 2012 World Guinness Record for "World's Shortest Cat." and owner Tiffani Kjedergaard was hoping Fizzgirl's daughter Pixel would be the next record holder.

It seems though at the end of the day lilieput outstood them all :P

And for bonus fun time, I'm posting two videos to show some munchkin cats in action!
The first is of fizzgirl and the second of Pixel

At the end of the day no matter who is the record holder they're all cuties in my eyes!


  1. Ah! Munchkin cats kill me! So cute!

  2. they look like dashund's/ basseyhound kind of cats <3

    1. They do! Ben just told me last week he wants a dachshund maybe I can convince him of a dachshund cat :)

  3. Cats with short legs!! So so cute! Your illustration of it is awesome.

    Katrina Sophia