Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Top 10 Cat Street Art/Graff - Take 4


Another Cat Street Art Round up - I love doing these because I have such a fond-ness for all things street art related :)

First up, a piece I spotted myself whilst trekking in Byron Australia :) So cool!

Some sexy felines found in Germany.

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 Street artist, Rafael Surianiis is responsible for that rad black and white paste up and I'll admit I'm a sucker for anything bright and colourful!

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A cool piece (on the left) spotted in Melbourne, Australia and I know I'm always including stencil artist C215 in every round up I do but he's rad and does lots of cat stencils (so I have too!) :P

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 Love this crazy colourful kitty and a super amazing face piece from DMS

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 And lucky last, a cat painting found in Nakano, Japan and the cutest maneki street art around!

I think my fav this round up is that DMS cat face :)

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  1. oh great finds you got here :)
    i love the kitty chasing the cube <3

    1. So great hey - can't even imagine how long that stencil would have taken to cut out!