Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top 10 Cat Street Art/Graff - Take 3


 Another week and another Top 10 this time looking at cute street art cats!

source 1 / source 2
I love this simple (but effective) black cat and that amazing painted house called "Van Kedisi" after the white cat breed (often with mismatches eyes) painted in Nantes by Jiem Pécor and Le Sirop de Larue.

source 1 / source 2
That orange guy is an intricate stencil by C215 an artist who I've featured already on this blog but keeping doing so because he's rad! The black cat on the right was part of The Wall Project in Mahim, Mumbai in August 2009.

source 1 / source 2
Black Panther is by Artist FAKE in Amsterdam whilst the amazing Cheshire piece was done in Newtown, Sydney, Australia :)

source 1 / source 2
I don't know much about either of these pieces above but I do know that both are rad :)

source 1 / source 2
That garage door was painted by artist Shalak Attack and the black cat on the right lives all the way over in Chile.

 Who do we love this week? I think I have to show Ben that house cat mural for potential home ideas in the future!

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  1. black panther looks like a big Simão :D

    i pray that someday some street artist will paint a decent cat on a wall in this city !

    1. me too I want more street art in general (cats would be a huge bonus) and aren't all our little cats just Big Cats in disguise :)