Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cat Shaming


This week I'm blogging about Cat Shaming! It started off with Dog Shaming in 2012 and progressed to all sorts of shaming! If you're not aware, the aim is to shame your dog/cat/pet by writing a note of their shameful behaviour and placing it next to your pet, taking a photo and posting online. The results can be pretty funny :) I've picked my favourite Cat Shaming to share with you guys today :)

cat shaming

I've also written out their shame notes below each photo just in case any are hard to read!

 "I steal bags of goldfish out of the pantry and drag them upstairs to eat them without being heard (they don't taste like fish but there are goooooooood!")

"I ate all the string cheese"

 "I got on the counter and helped myself to a block of cheese"

"I keep hissing at my sister for wearing a hood even though I'm wearing one too.  I'm dumb" (ouch bit harsh!)

"I lick the couch and leave weird stains"

"I jumped into the bed with a live bat in my mouth and dropped it as a present"

 "I dig up q-tips from the bathroom and put them in my food"

"I peed on the hamster"

 "I peed on the rose bush pot and killed it"

"I push objects off shelves while looking my human in the eyes"

 "I stole baby jesus from the manager and I can't remember where I put him...I am so ashamed!"

"I try to pass off 3 day old flattened road-kill as my own catch."

 "I watched a mouse eat my food and did nothing"

"I knocked over the vase of my dad's "get well soon" flowers so that he would have a big, watery mess to clean up after getting home from the hospital.  I am an asshole.  Feel better soon!"

"I ate $300"

"I stole the neighbour's kitten and hid it in a suitcase"

Do we have a favourite? I like the bat and 3 day old road kill but the q-tip one is just too weird not to be my favourite :P

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  1. Oh Cat Shaming. I always feel better after reading you. I should probably submit some photos of my cats. They have a lot to be ashamed of.

    1. I'm thinking of ones for Gremlin too!!

  2. I'll definitely admit to doing some laughs out loud for a few :)

  3. Hahahaha. I laughed so much reading those. The bat one was crazy. Can you imagine your cat bringing a live bat inside. hahaha

    1. I know!! even though I think bats are cute I'm not sure one in my bed would have me feeling those thoughts at that exact moment :P

  4. ahaahah have to do this,have a lot of material to use :)

  5. hahaha, LOL at the bat in the bed as a "rise and shine", I like bats but I would have freaked out :) the guilty faces of them are too fun!

    1. I too like bats but maybe not one flying around my room (hopefully he was still able to fly!)
      cats can be a bit naughty for sure :P

  6. These are hilarious! My favorite is the cat who peed on the hampster--that's so weird--and she looks so cute and serious (and I love the calicos). Owen is a cutie too!

    1. yes!! I definitely had a giggle at that one :) :) poor hamster!