Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Top 10 Cat Diys - Take Four

I love this round of Cat DIYS - gosh there are some super creative peeps out their blogging these days :)

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 First up and vintage inspired are these hand painted kitty hangers with super sweet little faces.  There's also two adorable brooches for you to try over at the blog How to Sew

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 I think that cat muff is maybe the most amazing Cat DIY I've ever seen - posted over at Handmade Charlotte! I also love that cute kitty backpack on the right from The Paper Mama

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 Okay seeing these nails makes me want to step up my nail game hardcore and how about these cat kiltie shoes blogged over at lepetitpot

 Words cannot express my love for this quilt blogged over at Mermag - I love cats and I also love items with the potential to become a heirloom item :)

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Pretty take on the cat ears and kitty shirt both blogged over at Minted Strawberry.

  And finally, you can't go wrong with cats and sequins - recently blogged over at A Beautiful Mess by Laura

You can also find the previous Cat DIY posts here / here / here

Do you guys have a favourite - mine definitely has to be that Cat Hand Muff which was inspired by Lit­tle Women and Hans Chris­t­ian Andersen’s The Snow Queen - so perfect!


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    1. So sweet - if I ever have kids I'd love to try and make something like it :)