Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top 10 Cat Diys - Take Five


Wow we're already up to number five of our Top 10 Cat DIYS found across the internet :) I'll link the other posts at the bottom!

Laura from the blog A Beautiful Mess came up with this super cute cat bag - I love the shiny silver material she used :)

Over on la maison de loulou you can find everything you need to know to make your own chalkboard cats!

Another spin on the cat bag from Swoon Studio, it's designed for her daughter but I'm sure you could adjust the pattern slightly for us older peeps as well :)

Although the blog bodkovo isn't in English, I think this DIY is easy enough to follow visually - some fabric paint and embrodiery floss.  I know there are quite a few kitty diy shoes out there but I like how simple and cute this one is :)

The Sewing Rabbit shows us how to make some ridiculous cute blinged out cat ears!

and what about those worn out elbow holes? The Small Things Blog with a cute solution :)

Eep - I love how cute these hand carved cat stamps are, you can Follow Becky's instructions here.

How about another stamp project but this time transforming a basic white tee from the The Pink Samurai 

Unfortunately I can only crochet a square but if I had the skills I'd be all over this free pattern from Emma's Animal Creations

and lucky last, some super cute some cat string organizers from the blog Little White Whale :)

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Cat Video Monday: Japanese Cat Commercial


I'll admit that for today's video I have no idea what's going on but I think that's why I love it and why I had to post it for Cat Video Monday.

You guys know I love my weird Japanese videos :)

Do you know what you just watched? :P

Friday, July 18, 2014

The 52 Project 2/25


This week's photo was taken as part of my Pikmin Cat Costume DIY.  You can find instructions, on how to make yours, over here (courtesy of the lovely blog, The cat, you and us) and you can see more pictures of Gremlin in the costume, here!

Pikmin Gremlin - 52 week project
 "A Portrait of Gremlin, once a week, every week for the rest of the year" 

I think by now he has realised I'm a little weird but graciously just goes with the flow - thanks Gremlin.

This week he fell into the pool though I suspect not his first time as he likes to live on the edge and quite literally on the edge of the pool - leading to heart stopping moments for me! Strangely though, after witnessing the pool event (I was too slow getting there), I felt better about his dare devil activities and proved a reminder to remember cat's inbuilt ability to get themselves out of danger. I also marvelled that it was over in 2 seconds and he managed not to get his head wet.

I always thought if he did fall in, he would run inside and get me, wet and meowing but instead he rolled around in some dirt and carried on with the day.   I also assumed I'd need to bath him but later in the day when he came back in he was super fluffy and clean.  I remember Ben asking if I had bathed him one day before (I hadn't) but now I think perhaps that too was a pool accident.  He's a dude for sure.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Black Cat Illustration

Just a cute cat illustration by artist Greg Turner-Rahman for your Thursday


Fly Fascination!
Hope it's a great day for everyone (or night!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dot the Cat born with Spina Bifida


Today we get to meet a super special needs cat called Dot.  Dot was taken on by Tabby's Place in 2011 who promote themselves as being a cage-free sanctuary that provide refuge to cats in hopeless situations. Tabby's Place takes on shelter cats scheduled for euthanasia with a majority of their cats having special needs.  I'll put a link to at the bottom of this post to their donation page as they really do such amazing work.   
Dot the cat with Spina Bifida

In 2013 Dot was adopted out but you can still follow Dot's updates via her fb page with Dot's Mum, Norma sending through photos and updates regularly :) Lisa a volunteer at Tabby's place runs the page and with great love!

All photos for this post were taken from her fb page.

Dot's fb about page it reads,

Little Dot was born with Spina Bifida, a rare birth defect that results from the inability of the vertebral arch to fuse normally. This occurs during pregnancy, when the fetus is still in the embryonic stage. This has left little Dot without the use of her hind legs, and rendered her incontinent, and does need help expressing her bowels and bladder, but she doesn't know she is any different and her spirits have not been dampened.

Due to her incontinence she has to wear pants for protection specially made by Fancy Pants 4 Pets with some super cute designs :)

In 2013 Dot (also affectionately known at Dottie and Dotness) was adopted to her forever home. No stranger to special needs kitties, this family had previously adopted two special needs cats from Tabby's Place, Gabriella a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia (causing lack of balance and control) and Tashi a paraplegic cat who unfortunately passed away at the start of this year.  It makes me smile to know there are people out there adopting special needs cats and providing such loving homes for these guys :)

Judging by the facebook updates Dot is doing amazing with Norma's family with her two sons and three other cat friends, Gabriella, Priscilla and Sammy - much company and love! Dot did get an infection a month back but by all reports she is doing great now :)

Dot also uses her walker everyday which helps her get around with more ease

And a few videos below of Dot in action not letting her disability disable her :)

To donate to Tabby's Place head here (with a variety of options to choose from)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top 10 Cat Street Art/Graff - Take 3


 Another week and another Top 10 this time looking at cute street art cats!

source 1 / source 2
I love this simple (but effective) black cat and that amazing painted house called "Van Kedisi" after the white cat breed (often with mismatches eyes) painted in Nantes by Jiem P├ęcor and Le Sirop de Larue.

source 1 / source 2
That orange guy is an intricate stencil by C215 an artist who I've featured already on this blog but keeping doing so because he's rad! The black cat on the right was part of The Wall Project in Mahim, Mumbai in August 2009.

source 1 / source 2
Black Panther is by Artist FAKE in Amsterdam whilst the amazing Cheshire piece was done in Newtown, Sydney, Australia :)

source 1 / source 2
I don't know much about either of these pieces above but I do know that both are rad :)

source 1 / source 2
That garage door was painted by artist Shalak Attack and the black cat on the right lives all the way over in Chile.

 Who do we love this week? I think I have to show Ben that house cat mural for potential home ideas in the future!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Cat Video Monday: Cat that can't stop tapping paper!


Today's video we meet a cat who love to tap paper - yup tap paper :)
(although right at the end there is an appearance by a plastic bag as well!)

In the video you get 2 minutes and 36 seconds of a cat taping everything from newspapers and catalogues to brown paper bags (also not to be missed at the 1:52 mark is some two paw action!) he he:P 


Friday, July 11, 2014

The 52 Project: 1/25


I always thought when I finally had a cat I would be constantly taking their photo. I stalk cats in real life for photos so having a cat would mean (in my head) 24/7 photo opportunities - score! Truth be told, I've taken so little photos of gremlin since we got him in April.

I was chatting with Ben about this the other night and I said something along the lines of "I love having a cat way more than I love taking his photo." Which I think sums it up, I see him doing something cute and my first reaction is to watch/kiss/hug him - not reach for my camera (which definitely shocked me).  In the blogging universe I started seeing all these amazing portraits of kids taken by their mums (and I'm sure dads too). Started by Jodi from the blog Practising Simplicity the project simply involves taking a portrait of your kid once a week for 52 weeks.

"A Portrait of Gremlin, once a week, every week for the rest of the year"

So I'm joining in too :p I thought this would be a silly and fun way to make sure I take at least one photo a week of gremlin and to end up with a nice collection of photos :) Since I'm starting half way through the year mine is more like a 25 week project but I hope to start a fresh, next year and do the full 52 :)

My very first photo for the project is of Gremlin sitting on top of my computer - a new discovery spot for him.  For those wondering, yes he kindly (and unknowingly to me at the time) shut down my computer as well :P

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Random Amazing Cat Things - 3

I love doing these round up posts because I get to share lots of awesome cat things :) 

source 1 / source 2
First up an amazing cat pool designed in 1955 for the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami - I have a feeling it's no longer there but my googling effort provided little info - let's hope it hasn't been demolished! 

Also that chalkboard cat head has me dreaming up diys and no motivation to do them :P oops!

As a lover of blythe's and a crazy cat women I'm madly in love with that customised blythe above!

source 1 / source 2
Awesome neon kitty lights and the cutest cat tea tin!

How amazing is that Cheshire cat outfit by Aussie designers, Romance Was Born. It's actually a jumpsuit - if you click on the source link and scroll right down near the bottom you can see what I mean :)

source 1 / source 2
The hello kitty leash is conveniently on sale at the moment via the Sanrio site and I can't resist a cute luna pillow (by disco jellyfish)

Ahhh bub you can do no wrong and these stickers would look killer in my sticker album!


And lucky last an amazing vogue shoot involving shoes and kittens.  Definitely click on the source link to see more photos from the shoot!

Previous Random Amazing Cat Things
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cat Shaming


This week I'm blogging about Cat Shaming! It started off with Dog Shaming in 2012 and progressed to all sorts of shaming! If you're not aware, the aim is to shame your dog/cat/pet by writing a note of their shameful behaviour and placing it next to your pet, taking a photo and posting online. The results can be pretty funny :) I've picked my favourite Cat Shaming to share with you guys today :)

cat shaming

I've also written out their shame notes below each photo just in case any are hard to read!

 "I steal bags of goldfish out of the pantry and drag them upstairs to eat them without being heard (they don't taste like fish but there are goooooooood!")

"I ate all the string cheese"

 "I got on the counter and helped myself to a block of cheese"

"I keep hissing at my sister for wearing a hood even though I'm wearing one too.  I'm dumb" (ouch bit harsh!)

"I lick the couch and leave weird stains"

"I jumped into the bed with a live bat in my mouth and dropped it as a present"

 "I dig up q-tips from the bathroom and put them in my food"

"I peed on the hamster"

 "I peed on the rose bush pot and killed it"

"I push objects off shelves while looking my human in the eyes"

 "I stole baby jesus from the manager and I can't remember where I put him...I am so ashamed!"

"I try to pass off 3 day old flattened road-kill as my own catch."

 "I watched a mouse eat my food and did nothing"

"I knocked over the vase of my dad's "get well soon" flowers so that he would have a big, watery mess to clean up after getting home from the hospital.  I am an asshole.  Feel better soon!"

"I ate $300"

"I stole the neighbour's kitten and hid it in a suitcase"

Do we have a favourite? I like the bat and 3 day old road kill but the q-tip one is just too weird not to be my favourite :P

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